Wanna know Why Don’t Dogs Use Litter Boxes? Most dogs don’t naturally use litter boxes. It’s not because they can’t learn, but there are factors like they don’t bury their waste, the size and design of the box, and they like to mark their territory. However, it’s possible to teach them through proper training like cats. Providing a litter box for your dog has many benefits like the dog won’t poop anywhere in the home and has the freedom to relieve itself anytime, day or night. This is especially helpful if you live in an apartment that doesn’t have a fenced yard. Even with a yard, you will get rid of cleaning its poop every time.

Despite all these benefits why people don’t train their dogs to do so?  Unlike cats, dogs need patience, repetition, and positive reinforcement and this is a time-consuming process. If you’re a dedicated dog lover, you’ll find a way to make this work. In this blog post, we will discuss the different methods to train your dog to use a litter box for both pee and poop.

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4 Reasons Why Don’t Dogs Use Litter Boxes?

Why Don't Dogs Use Litter Boxes

Here are the reasons of dogs do not naturally use litter boxes

Dogs Do Not Bury their Poop

Litter boxes are used to bury poop. Unlike cats that bury their poop in the earth to hide their scent from enemies and predators. Dogs in the wild hunt in packs so they really don’t need to hide the scent of either prey or predators. Dogs always prefer finding the right spot rather than using a confined space like a litter box.

Dogs Like to Mark Their Territory

Dogs mostly around the neighborhood to find the perfect space for peeing and pooping. In this way, they are spreading their scent to let the other dogs know this area belongs to them. This comes from their ancestor they do so to save their pack and their food from the other stray dogs. Litter boxes also don’t work as they force he dog to hide their scent which is against their nature.

Size of Litter Box

The size of the dogs compared to the cats is big. So, litter boxes can be good for small puppies but for the bigger dogs this space is not enough as they have large waste. So, it’s awkward for dogs too to poop in the box. Also, most houses don’t have big space to specially make pooing space for dogs.

Dogs Need to Explore

Unlike cats that love to stay and poop in designated places, you can’t confine a dog to a specific place. Dogs love to explore and get the scents of new things as much as they can. That’s why they are always ready to go outside.

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Best Tips: How to Train Your Dog to Use a Litter Box

How to Train Your Dog to Use a Litter Box

Here are the tips that will help you to train your dog to poop in the litter box

Choose a litter box with high sides

Make sure to use litter boxes with sides especially if you have a male dog because those to pee with one leg up. So, with not enough height they won’t pee or poop in the box.

Use Artificial Grass in the Litter box

You can use artificial grass in the litter box as most dogs love to pee and poop in the yard or open space. This will give them a natural feeling and might start using the box.

Clean Litter Box Regularly

Make sure to clean the box properly and regularly at least every week. So that large waste doesn’t gather in the box.

Praise and Reward

Place the treat near the litter box that and use verbal commands to ask your dog to pee at the right spot. Also, if your dog follows your instructions make sure to give him a treat with appreciation.

Create Indoor Entertainment

Provide your dog with interactive toys and a comfortable space for your dog to relax when alone at home. This will help them to stay inside and use the litter box.

In short, dogs may not naturally use litter boxes like cats but we can train them with patience and dedication. We have tried to cover every aspect of Why Don’t Dogs Use Litter Boxes? and how to train them for pooping in the box. How was the article? Did you find anything interesting let us know in the comment section below.

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FAQS: Why Do Cats Use A Litter Box And Dogs Don’t?

Why Do Cats Use A Litter Box And Dogs Don't

Still not satisfied? Here are some frequently asked questions

Is it bad for a dog to use a litter box?

If your dog is will eat anything from a litter box this can be very dangerous and can create serious health issues.

Do dogs pee in litter?

Unlike cats, dogs don’t have the natural instincts to use the litter boxes because cat usually buries their poop while dogs love to spread the scent. However, through proper training, we can train our dogs to use the litter.

What can I use as a dog litter?

Here are the things you can use

  1. Commercial dog litter
  2. Pelletized newspaper
  3. Wood shavings
  4. Artificial grass pads
  5. Cat litter (for small dogs)

Why do dogs like litter?

Dogs usually like to eat cat litter because it tastes good to them.

Can dogs and cats share a litterbox?

It is suggested not to use the same litter box for both cats and dogs because sometimes dogs start eating the cat litter which leads to serious health issues. So, it’s best to provide separate designated areas for their bathroom needs.

What are the advantages of using a litter box for dogs?

Litter boxes are very helpful for the owners living in apartments without yards. Because they reduce the need for outdoor potty breaks, especially when you are busy or in bad weather.

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