Is my dog licking because of allergies?

Ever wondered why dogs lick their balls? Most dogs frequently lick their private parts, and this is strange for both dog owners and other people. Well, dogs lick their balls to stay clean, but some dogs lick too much. It might be because your pet is bored, anxious, irritated, sick, or allergic. Another possibility is that there’s a problem with their butt glands or anal glands.

In this article, we will try to explore the reasons behind dogs’ strange behavior of why dogs lick their balls and explore how we can stop them from doing that.

Reasons: Why Is My Dog Always Licking His Testicles?

Reasons: Why Is My Dog Always Licking His Testicles?

Dogs can lick their balls due to several reasons:

  1. To stay clean
  2. Bored
  3. Irritated
  4. Allergic
  5. Anal gland problem

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Explained: Why Do Dogs Lick Their Balls?

Here are the reasons for Why does my dog lick his testicles.

To Stay Clean

Why does a dog lick his balls? One of the most common reasons is they clean themselves. Dogs and cats know that their private areas are sensitive, so they try to keep them clean to avoid infections. They spend extra time grooming these areas for the same reason. You can tell if your pet is doing this by observing if they lick themselves during grooming. If they do, it’s because they want to keep that area clean and healthy.

When They Bored

When dogs are feeling bored they lick their testicles. It is the most common reason among the dogs. Many dogs lick their private parts when they’re feeling bored. If your dog is doing this without licking other body parts, it’s a sign of boredom, not grooming. In such cases, it’s a good idea to engage with your dog. You can take them for a walk or play outside. In simple terms, this behavior is quite common in most dogs, regardless of their breed. They do it to pass the time.


Dogs don’t carry first aid kits. When their skin gets hurt or irritated, they use their tongue to clean the area. If your dog’s private parts feel itchy or get scratched, they will naturally lick them to take care of it.

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Is my dog licking because of allergies?

Allergies are another reason your dog may lick their testicles. Dogs can get itchy private parts from food or environmental allergies. Food allergies are triggered by proteins like chicken, beef, or pork, and can be managed with a special diet using different proteins. Environmental allergies can be seasonal, so avoid allergens when possible.

Anal Gland Problems

Anal Gland Problems

Dogs might lick themselves a lot if their backside is hurting due to an inflamed anal gland. This can get serious. Take your dog to the vet. If the gland ruptures, it can lead to an infected wound that is expensive to treat. The vet will examine your dog, may empty the gland, and prescribe antibiotics if needed. They can also show you how to do it at home to prevent future issues.

This problem will not go away on its own, so immediate medical attention is essential. With treatment, your dog will be fine. Monitor their hygiene to avoid recurrence.

When do you need to consult to vet?

  1. If your dog licks its normal testicles occasionally, it’s likely due to boredom and grooming, which is normal.
  2. But if the testicles are red, or swollen, or your dog licks them excessively, it could indicate an issue.
  3. This might be a sign of a condition, infection, or inflammation causing discomfort.
  4. Take your dog to the vet when you notice red or raw testicles, as your pet could be in pain.
  5. Watch for symptoms like sadness, depression, loss of appetite, and anxiety, which signal your dog needs help.
  6. Treatments for these conditions are usually simple and safe, and your dog should recover without complications.

Dogs lick their testicles when they are bored, irritated, and allergic. We have tried to cover every aspect of the topic and will look for more and try to add that in the next update. How was the article? Did you find anything helpful please tell us in the comment section below.

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FAQs: Why Do Dogs Lick Their Balls?

why is my dog licking his balls raw?

Still not satisfied? Here are some frequently asked questions:

What does it mean when a female dog keeps licking herself?

Dogs licking a lot can be because they’re worried or stressed, but new research says tummy problems might also be a big reason for this behavior in many dogs.

Should I let my dog lick his balls?

Yes, If your dog is licking their testicles and they look normal, it’s okay. However, if their testicles are red and sore, you should figure out why it’s happening and help them stop licking to prevent further issues.

Can I touch my dog’s balls?

It’s fine as long as it’s not about anything sexual for you or the dog. If it does make you feel excited in that way, it’s a sign that you might need some help with your thoughts. If it makes the dog feel excited (like getting an erection), it’s best to avoid touching the dog in that manner again.

Is it normal for dogs to lick each other’s balls?

When one dog licks another dog’s private parts, it’s a normal and healthy way for dogs to socialize and get to know each other. This behavior happens whether the dogs are neutered or not.

How do I stop my dog from licking his balls?

To stop the dog from licking, you can use special collars and bitter sprays. There are also pills to ease the itch and inflammation, and creams that can make the dog feel better.


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