Does your dog inappropriately mount things and people nearby? Do you want to know Why Do Dogs Hump People?. This behavior can be funny for dog owners but it can be problematic for people who don’t like dogs or when you are in a gathering.

Some dogs may hump their toys, furniture, shoes, or even other pets. This is normal behavior and is usually harmless. But it can be embracing when it will hump the guest. In this article, we discuss in detail about humping and mounting behavior in dogs.

But before we proceed let’s discuss

What is Humping in Dogs?

Why Do Dogs Hump People

Humping in dogs means when a dog thrusts its hips against a person, object, or another animal. It is also known as mounting. Dogs usually mount the back end of the other animal. Also, some dogs mount an owner’s legs.

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Why Do Dogs Hump?

Why Do Dogs Hump Everything

Dogs hump position may seem sexual in nature but this is not always the case. Humping is normal behavior for dogs and they do that for fun. Mostly male dogs do hump. Here are the reasons why dogs hump

Sexual Behavior

Dogs may hump other dogs due to hormones and sexual attraction. When male dogs mount on female dogs they will end up mating so we have to be careful about that especially when your female dog is in heat.

Also, every time we can’t relate humping to sexual desires because some spayed dogs also do so. If you want to get rid of humping your dog one thing you can do is spayed or dog netured. But dog don’t forget their old habits easily before spaying make sure to train your dog hard not to hump. Otherwise, they will keep on doing it after spaying.

Stress or Anxiety and Depression

Dogs are really affected by their surroundings so they do hump as a self-soothing technique. For example, if there are new people or pets in your place they may hump to express their stress and anxiety. Other reasons dogs might humps are changed schedules, tiredness, boredom, and uncertainty about a situation. Dogs also, release extra energy by humping.

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Social Interaction

Social interaction is really important for dogs especially for puppies Because if you don’t socialize them properly with other dogs they will not understand how to deal with or play which will lead to humping.

Most dog owners have experienced humping behavior during social interaction or play sessions. Because during that time dogs are really excited and want to establish dominance.


Dogs can be excited about anything easily. In excitement, some dogs bark, run and jump while others also hump. This is their way of releasing extra energy and can happen during play or when there’s a lot of activity around.  If dogs don’t do this frequently it is totally normal but if you see it more often you have to train your dog for other activities like exercises and mental stimulation.

Medical Issues

Dogs always try to communicate with owners using different actions. If the dogs are going through medical conditions they might do hump to show their owner what they are facing.  Medical problems like allergies, urinary tract infections, or skin irritations can also lead dogs to mount. If you notice any of these it’s necessary to consult a veterinarian.

Attention-Seeking Behavior

Dogs are too good at attention-seeking. If you don’t spend time with them or don’t take them for a walk or play they will do different things like jumping in the house, sleeping on your feet, and even humping. Actually, they are reminding you that don’t forget your furry friend. So, it is really important for a dog owner to give their pets proper time.

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How to Stop Your Dog From Humping?

How to Stop Your Dog From Humping

Here are the things you can do to stop your dog from humping

To Stop Humping: Limit Going Outside

If you see your dog doing hump or mount while playing in the park this means on seeing strangers both pets and humans inspires him to do this behavior. Please don’t take your dog to places where there is too much rush because the less they interact with people the better this is for them.

To Stop Humping: Intervene Early

Some people may enjoy or laugh while seeing their dog mount or hump. This encourages dogs to do more and once it becomes a habit it becomes tough for them to leave. So, whenever you see your dog doing this, stop them; if they don’t listen, you can punish them. Also, try to shift them to other healthy activities.

To Stop Humping: Spay or Neuter

Mostly male dogs are more prone to hump because of their sexual desire. If your male dogs mount too much the best thing you can do is Spay or Neuter. When dogs are neutered 60% chances are decreased that your dog will mount. For Spaying your dog has to go through surgery.

Reward for Good Behavior

Dogs love to have treats and cookies. When your dog listens to your command and stops. Always give him a treat as this will encourage your dog to always follow your commands.

Dogs may hamp due to sexual desire, excitement, social interaction, excitement, and other medical issues. We have tried to cover every aspect of Why Do Dogs Hump People? and How to Stop Your Dog From Humping. Also, we will look for more and try to add that in the next update. How was this article? Did you find anything helpful? Let us know in the comment section below.

FAQS: Why Do Dogs Hump People?

Why Does My Dog Hump the Air

Still not satisfied? Here are some frequently asked questions

Why Do Dogs Hump the Air?

When the sexual desires in male dogs trigger and have nothing around or you might have punished them last time while humping with anything they will hump in the air. Sometimes dogs also hump in the air when the female dog is around and they don’t have access to it.

Why Is My Dog Humping My Cat?

Dogs hump the cat as a part of play or due to excitement. Small puppies may mount a cat if there is social conflict between them.

Why do dogs hump my wife?

Dogs may hump wife or other people around them because of excitement, seeking attention, and to release energy. This mostly happens when you don’t take your dog on a walk or to play.

Why did my female dog hump my husband?

Both male and female dogs can hump, mount, or thrust to seek attraction, and is a way to show dominance over other pets in the house.

Should You Let Dogs Hump Things?

While playing hump is normal but if your dog does that frequently you must need to stop him.

Why Is My Dog Trying to Hump All of the Sudden?

If your dog is trying to hump all of a sudden it can be because they are in heat or sexual desire, excitement, or may be due to illness.

My Neutered/Spayed Dog Is Humping, Why?

Neutered and spayed dogs hump because of these reasons

  • Excitement
  • Playtime
  • Medical problems like itchiness and pain

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