How to Get Dogs Unstuck

Are you a new dog owner or new to breeding dogs?? Are you confused about how to get your dogs unstuck fast after mating? No problem you are at the right place. In this article, I’ll discuss everything about dog mating and will answer all of your questions.

When the male dog and female (bitch) are stuck while mating this process is called tie. This is a natural process and doesn’t need any human intervention. But here are the things you can do.

3 Proven Methods:  How to Get Dogs Unstuck Fast After Mating?

How to Get Dogs Unstuck

Here are the steps you can follow to unstuck your dog naturally.

Leave Them Alone

It is suggested by vets or animal experts when dogs are mating leave them alone especially when they are stuck. So, you must be thinking how are they stuck?

When the male dog penetrates its penis in the vagina of the female, the penis swells and enlarges while the vagina size remains the same. So, it becomes difficult for a dog to take out a penis from a narrow passage and get stuck. They remain stuck until the male dog ejaculates.

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Keep The Environment Peaceful

environment to unstuck dogs after mating

When the dogs mate make sure to give them a calm and quiet environment because sudden noise makes your dog nervous and they try to break the tie even before ejaculation. This will hurt both dogs and in some cases even lead to infertility.

If something happens suddenly like movement or loud noise try to relax both the dog and talk to them. Stop them from making large movements that can harm them. Pet them and keep on doing so until the tie is over.

If They Are In Pain, Stay Calm

If the dogs are tied together and from their expression, you think they are in pain. The first thing you do is calm them down and pet them.

But keep in mind don’t be upset as dogs are emotionally attached to their owner. So, if they see you upset they will become nervous and you won’t be able to calm them. After some time when the female dog calms down, her vaginal muscles will automatically relax, and they will easily separate.

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Never Forcefully Separate Tied Dogs

What To Do When My Dog Mates Without Locking

As a dog owner, you have to understand that there is no shortcut to unstuck the dog when they are matching. You have to keep patience it doesn’t matter if they are in pain. Try to calm them down and pet them. If you do anything to stop them or break the tie you end up hurting your pet.

We have to accept this thing dogs don’t need human interference while mating because it’s a natural phenomenon and they have been doing this for centuries. They know better than us when to be stuck and when to not.

As a new owner when you see two dogs stuck together you can get confused and you may try to separate them but there is no way to unstuck them. The best thing you can do is pet your dogs and try to calm them down. Sometimes tie may take more time in that case try to connect with your vet. We have tried to cover every aspect of How to Get Dogs Unstuck. and will look for more and try to add that in the next update.

Did you find anything interesting? Or do you have any questions? Let us know in the comment section below and we will try to respond to you as soon as possible.

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FAQS: How to Get Dogs Unstuck?

How to Get Dogs Unstuck Fast After Mating

Still not satisfied? Here are some frequently asked questions

How Long Do Dogs Stay Stuck For?

The dog usually takes around 10 minutes to ejaculate and completely unstuck but in some breeds of dog, it takes up to an hour. So, it doesn’t matter how much time they will take but never put your nose in that. If you still do in the end you will be hurting your dog’s private parts and this can even make them infertile. The other factors that affect time are Stress and Anxiety, External Environment and pain, etc.

My Dogs Have Been Stuck Together For Over An Hour – What Should I Do?

If your dog has been stuck for more than an hour try to calm them down by petting. Never try to separate them forcefully because this can hurt your dog because there is no physical way to separate your dogs. Also, consult your dog he will help you out.

What to do to the female dog after mating?

After mating don’t let your female dog crouch or sit. Let her walk around for at least 20 minutes.

How do you separate a dog in heat?

If you own both male and female dogs the best thing you can do is keep them in separate rooms.

How long will a male dog be attracted to a female in heat?

Usually, dogs get into heat every six months but this frequency can vary from breed to breed. During this period male dog will be attracted to a female dog for 18 days.

Do dogs get pregnant every time they mate?

There are 40% chance that female dogs get pregnant after mating. This means there is always a risk so you have to take care of your dog and never let her stay outside alone.

Do female dogs sleep after mating?

After mating female dogs don’t want to stay around the male dogs. They will be lethargic and tired because of that they sleep more than usual.

Does Hot Water Get Dogs Unstuck?

Never throw hot water at dogs to unstuck them because this will make them uncomfortable and stressed. This will injure them and cause more pain. What you all have to do is keep them relaxed by petting them.

Do dogs get pregnant the first time they get stuck?

Yes, the chances of getting pregnant in dogs increase when they are stuck. Also, sometimes a dog can be pregnant without a tie or stuck but there are chances that it might not get pregnant despite being stuck.

What are the ways to avoid pregnancy in dogs?

Here are the ways to avoid pregnancy

  1. Keep her in isolation
  2. Reduce outside time
  3. Dog Diapers
  4. Spaying
  5. Dog pills

What To Do When My Dog Mates Without Locking?

Some owners think that dogs don’t get pregnant without being locked or stuck. But sometimes dogs can get pregnant with slip mating. You have to keep an eye on your female dog and wait for 2-3 weeks. During this period keep male dogs away from her.

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