When Do Catahoulas Calm Down?

When do Catahoulas Calm Down? It’s a question many Catahoula Leopard Dog owners ask. Catahoulas are really super energetic, and hyper dogs, especially when they’re puppies under 6 months old. but when can we expect them to chill a bit? If you’re curious about when your Catahoula pup will become a calmer companion, then remember. They are known for that behavior because they’re naturally good at herding and hunting. But don’t worry, as they get older, they become calmer. Be patient with them and teach them when they’re young because they learn faster at an early age. In this article, we will try to explore When Will My Catahoula Calm Down? And also uncover the things that make him hyper, energetic, and restless.

When do Catahoulas Calm Down?

When do Catahoulas Calm Down

Usually, Catahoulas begin to calm down when they’re around 9 to 12 months old. But if you start their training, and teach them tricks and good behavior, when they are at a young age almost 12 weeks old, you might see them getting better even sooner. but, keep in mind They are not fully mature until they are 2 years old.

Before getting a dog, especially a Catahoula, it’s very important to understand their personality. These dogs are super energetic, and hyper and might not be the best choice for someone who’s never had a dog before or lives in an apartment.

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Factors Influencing Energy Levels

1. Age

Catahoulas dogs are known for being super energetic and hyper-natured when they are in small age and adolescent stages. But as they get older, they become calmer.

2. Exercise

Catahoulas really need to exercise regularly. If they don’t, they might become restless and display behavioral problems, or become hyper.

3. Mental Stimulation

These smart dogs really enjoy solving puzzles and learning new things. Giving them toys that make them think and training sessions can keep them happy and busy.

4. Socialization

When Catahoula dogs learn to socialize well, when they are young age, it can make a big difference in their behavior. Catahoulas that are good at socializing are have calmer behavior and easier to handle.

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How to train the Catahoula dog to calm down?

How to train the Catahoula dog to calm down

When you’re teaching your Catahoula, remember that they’re a sensitive dog and can feel sad if there’s too much negativity. Hurting your Catahoula during training can make their behavior worse and make them scared and worried.

Here are some steps by following these it can help you train catahoula dogs.

1. Leadership Awareness

  1. Go through doors first to show your lead.
  2. Give affection when you want, not when they demand it.
  3. Correct bad behavior firmly but calmly.
  4. Use tone, body language, and facial expressions to communicate.

2. Yes And No Training

  • When your dog behaves well, give treats and make eye contact to show approval.
  • This encourages your dog to repeat good behavior.
  • For unwanted behavior, like barking or jumping, say “NO” firmly and gently push them away.
  • Avoid making eye contact, so they understand you disapprove.
  • Be consistent with training methods.
  • Timing is crucial; respond immediately.
  • Be aware of your dog’s breed and personality.
  • Consult a professional if you need help with training or specific behavior issues.

3. Social Interaction

If your adult Catahoula is shy or anxious around new people, dogs, or places, you can help them socialize:

  1. Make sure they listen to basic commands like “NO” and “COME.”
  2. Take them for walks in different places.
  3. Let strangers give them treats.
  4. Let them see other dogs from a safe distance.
  5. Visit a dog park but stay on the edge at first.
  6. Give them treats when they stay calm around new people and dogs.

These were the things Things That Only Catahoula People Understand. We have tried to cover every aspect of Are Catahoula dogs calm? will look for more and try to add that in the next update. Did you find any interesting? Let us know in the comment section below

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FAQs: When do Catahoulas Calm Down?

are catahoula leopard dogs aggressive

Still not satisfied here are some frequently asked questions:

Do Catahoula dogs calm down?

Catahoulas become calmer as they age with proper training and exercise. They’re smart and energetic because they were bred for herding and hunting. Without attention and space, they can become hyper, aggressive, and stubborn. To keep them calm, pet them, play with them, and provide space to walk out. But exercise is essential to help them relax.

Can a Catahoula be a house dog?

Yes, Catahoulas are best at home but Catahoulas need a big yard and a fence so they can run and play a lot. If they don’t get enough exercise, they might start digging and chewing things to stay busy, which can be a problem.

When does Catahoula stop growing?

Many other breeds can be mature at the age of 10 to 12 months. But Catahoula puppies grow for a longer time, around 18 months to two years, and they stay playful like puppies for longer too.

Are Catahoula dogs easy to train?

Training a Catahoula dog can be tough. They’re smart but independent. To make it easier, be patient and consistent. Show them you’re the leader. If you have a harder to training them, get a pro trainer’s help.

Does Catahoulas get separation anxiety?

Some dog breeds, like German Shepherds, Australian Shepherds, and Catahoulas are more likely to get separation anxiety. Even small changes, like a new owner or family, can also cause it.

How do you keep a Catahoula busy?

To keep a Catahoula busy, Give them a job, like holding a toy during dinner or doing agility training. It makes them feel important and helps them behave well.

How much walking does a Catahoula need?

Catahoula dogs are really good at hunting, tracking, and learning tricks. If you have one, make sure to give them at least an hour of playtime or exercise every day. They’re a perfect match for someone who likes to be active and go for runs, hikes, or long walks.

Are Catahoula leopard dogs aggressive?

Catahoula Leopard Dogs are not inherently aggressive, but their behavior depends on genetics, upbringing, and training,

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