How To Keep Dogs Busy?

How to keep dogs busy? Or Wondering how to keep your dog entertained? We’ve all been there with a lively pup and a living room resembling a chewed-up shoe store. So, how can you make sure your four-legged friend stays happy and occupied?

In short Feeling stuck at home isn’t fun for you or your dog. We all know that a happy dog is one that stays active. Even if you can’t go out much, there are still lots of things you can do at home to keep your dog happy. Here are some easy tips to entertain your dog indoors. Let’s explore the world of keeping dogs busy together!

Dog Activity Requirements

Dog Activity Requirements

Dogs need to stay healthy and happy by getting both exercise and keeping their minds busy. Exercise can be going for walks, running, or playing. Mental stimulation can come from sniffing around outside, practicing commands, or trying to get food from a puzzle toy. When dogs don’t get enough of these, they might end up being naughty, like chewing on things they shouldn’t. That’s why it’s really important to make sure your dog gets enough exercise and mental challenges.

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7 Best Ideas To Entertain Your Dog Indoors

1. Put On TV Or Videos For Dogs

Do dogs watch TV or movies?

Nowadays, there are many online TV and video channels made specifically for dogs who are feeling bored or restless. These videos show open, natural places with lots of trees, streams, birds, squirrels, and other dogs. They come with calming music or sounds of nature. While they can be a nice indoor escape for your dog when you’re busy, remember they’re not a replacement for actual outdoor time.

2. Engage In At-Home Training

Training your dog with special activities is a great way to keep them active and happy at home. You can teach them new tricks, review basic commands, or even try more advanced agility training. These fun activities prevent both you and your four-legged friend from getting bored and lazy.

3. Rotate Your Dog’s Toys

 Rotate Your Dog’s Toys

Just like kids, dogs enjoy having new things to play with. If you put some of your dog’s toys away in a cupboard for a few days and then switch them around, it makes the toys seem more exciting and fun for your dog!

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4. Teach Your Dog The Name Of Their Toys

Teaching your dog the names of their toys is not too tricky. It can be a fun thing to do, especially if your pup has a bunch of toys. Start by playing with one toy and give it a name as you play. Ask your dog to fetch that specific toy by saying its name and give them lots of praise when they bring it back. You can also use treats while playing and reward your dog when you say the toy’s name.

After a while, see if your dog can pick the toy by its name from a pile of toys. Once they get the hang of it, try the same process with another toy.

5. Play Tug Of War

Is it a good idea to play tug-of-war with your dog?

Tug of war is a fun game to play inside that doesn’t need a lot of space. It’s really tiring for both dogs and people! Another game you can play indoors is throwing a very light ball in a safe area for your dog to catch or fetch, as long as there’s nothing breakable around.

6. Find The Treats

Let your dog have fun using their amazing sense of smell! Hide treats around your home and let them find the treats by sniffing. Change where you hide the treats each time to keep it exciting for your dog. Do this over a few days for extra fun!

7. Play The Which Hand Game

What is the hand trick for dogs?

If you want to teach your dog some scent games, this is a fantastic game to begin with. All you need are some dog treats. If you don’t have any, you can use chopped fruits and veggies or make your own homemade dog treats.

How to Play the Which Hand Game:

  • Put a treat in one of your hands.
  • Close your hands and show them to your dog.
  • Let your dog pick which hand has the treat.
  • If your dog sniffs or paws the right hand, open it and give them the treat.
  • If they choose the wrong hand, don’t worry. It might take a few tries.
  • Use a gentle ‘touch’ command to help them.

In short Like humans, dogs need a mix of play and brain activities. While it’s not a substitute for their outdoor fun, there are many ways to keep your dog happy inside. You can set up indoor obstacle courses, teach them to recognize toy names, let them do scent work, or use food puzzles. We hope these ideas give you inspiration to keep your dog entertained!

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FAQs: How to keep dogs busy?

How do I get my dog to have a busy lifestyle?

Still not satisfied? Here are some frequently asked questions:

How do you keep dogs entertained outside?

Put all their favorite toys and things they enjoy in their area. This could include toys to chew on and puzzles. If you have enough room outside, think about adding a small pool or sandbox for your dog to play in and use up extra energy when you’re not around.

How do I keep my dog entertained all day?

Dogs enjoy long-lasting chews, fun feeding with Kong or lick mat meals, and exploring treat trails in the house or garden!

How do I stop my dog from being bored?

  1. Freeze a Kong for a fun dog treat.
  2. Play Tug of War with a rope or towel.
  3. Teach your dog a new trick.
  4. Play fetch with your furry friend.
  5. Use bubbles for extra excitement.
  6. Rotate their toys for variety.
  7. Arrange a play date for added fun.

How do I keep my dog active while working from home?

Dogs love to be entertained, and giving them interactive toys is a fun way to keep them busy. Treat balls provide a tasty snack, plus exercise and mental stimulation. Snuffle Mats, with hidden treats, are another exciting option

What type of attention do dogs need?

You can love your dog by petting, kissing, or playing with them. Giving attention means considering them important, which you can do by playing, walking, feeding, or talking to them.


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