How Big Is A Dog’s Brain?

Have you ever wondered How Big a Dog’s Brain? and how much brain power is in your dog’s head and how it works? If yes, don’t worry because you are not alone. In the world of canines, intelligence varies from breed to breed. Dogs, our loyal and loving companions, are in all shapes and sizes, but the question is do their brain sizes become different along their breed? In this article, we will discuss everything in detail about dogs’ brains and answer all questions

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How Big is a Dog’s Brain Compared to Other Animals?

The comparison of dog brains with human and cat brains is given below:

Dog brain vs Cat brain:

Are dogs brains bigger than cats?

When it comes to brain size, dogs have a big brain compared to cats. On average, dogs have 1.2 times larger brains as compared to the cat’s brain. This size difference contributes to dogs’ “better problem-solving skills and ability to adjust to new situations.

Dog Brain vs Human Brain:

Many people have seen the human brain in a book or pics but very less people have seen the dog’s brain in pics or books. Dogs, like humans, have a complex central nervous system. Their brains consist of several regions, each responsible for different functions. But by comparing how much larger the human brain is to a dog’s brain? if you Place your two closed hands next to each other. it can be imagined as the size of the human brain. The average weight of the human brain is around 3 pounds with a length of around 15 cm long. The brain has a similar structure to that of other mammals but is relatively bigger compared to the rest of the body. And dog brain?

How smart is a dog compared to a human? dog brain vs human brain

Here are some main differences between the brains of dogs and humans:

  1. Dogs have smaller brains compared to humans relative to their body size.
  2. In humans, the brain is larger, about 1:40 in ratio, while in dogs, it’s smaller, about 1:125 in ratio.
  3. Compared to humans, Dogs have a limited capacity for complex thinking.
  4. Humans have a more developed part of the brain responsible for higher-level thinking (called the prefrontal cortex).
  5. In dogs, the frontal lobe of the brain occupies only about 10% of the brain, whereas in humans, it’s the front third of the brain.

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How big is a small dog’s brain?

Here are some key points about small dogs’ brains:

  • Small Dogs, Small Brains:
    Small dogs typically have smaller brains compared to larger dogs.
  • Brain-to-Body Ratio:
    Dogs, in general, have a brain-to-body ratio of 1:125, meaning their brain size relative to their body size is consistent.
  • Breed Variation:
    The size of a dog’s brain can vary by breed. Smaller breeds naturally have smaller brains.
  • Weight Matters:
    On average, for every 125 ounces of a dog’s body weight, they gain about 1 ounce of brain mass.
  • Example:
    For instance, a beagle, a small breed, has an average brain weight of 2.54 ounces or 72 grams.

Factors Influencing Brain Size:

dog brain size by breed

The factors influencing a dog’s brain size:


Brain size in dogs varies from breed to breed. Dogs come in various breeds, and each breed has its unique characteristics. The larger breed has a larger brain as compared to the small breed has a smaller size of brain. This brain size difference can affect their problem-solving abilities and trainability.


Age is also a major factor.  dogs will gradually slow down mentally as they get older, Puppies have better brains than older dogs.

Brain Health

The health of the brain is also a major factor because head or brain injuries and infection can affect their problem-solving skills or trainability.

Evolutionary Adaptations

During their evolution, dogs adjusted their brain sizes to match their specific jobs. Breeds used for hunting, herding, or guarding might have different brain sizes due to their historical roles.

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FAQs: How Big is a Dog’s Brain?

how long is a dogs brain active after euthanasia

Still not satisfied here are some frequently asked questions:

How big is a dog’s brain compared to a human brain?

Dogs’ brain is smaller than human brains so the size of dog brains is almost the size of lemon or tangerine.

Which dog has the largest brain?

In comparison to their tiny bodies, Chihuahuas have the largest brains among all dog breeds. The Aztecs held them in high regard due to their small size and cleverness. Similar to human infants, Chihuahuas have a soft spot on their heads, which might stay with them for life.

What does a dog think about all day?

Dogs have a lot of thinking on their minds, so they think about a lot of things from social interactions, and their surroundings to their daily routines, physical requirements, and overall health.

Which dog has the highest IQ?

The dogs which have the highest IQ are:

  1. Border Collie
  2. Golden Retriever
  3. Poodle

Are dogs smarter than cats?

Maybe people think cats are smarter compared to dogs, due to cats’ independence and problem-solving skills. Dogs, on the other hand, are known for being trainable, learning tricks, and doing jobs like search and rescue. so dogs are much smarter than cats.

Can a dog’s brain size change over time?

No, a dog’s brain size remains relatively constant throughout its life.

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