Why Is My Dogs Tongue Cold

Dog tongue shows a lot about the dog’s health and can be affected by different environmental factors. As a dog owner, you must be careful that your furry friend’s tongue must not be hot or cold. It’s alarming if your dog’s tongue is hot or cold tongue is not dangerous but we must know the root cause as in some cases it’s due to health issues.

Why Is My Dogs Tongue Cold? The cold tongue or mouth in a dog means

  • The dog had licked something cold
  • The dog is feeling cold
  • Panting
  • Hypothermia
  • Circulatory problems
  • Hypothyroidism

In this blog post, we will discuss everything in detail and answer all of your questions.

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Explained: Why Is My Dogs Tongue Cold?

Why Is My Dogs Tongue Cold

Let’s get into detail and discuss everything

The dog had licked something cold

If your dog consumes cold things like ice cubes or ice cream etc. This will make your furry friend tongue cold. In this case, there is nothing to worry about because it’s for the time being. When the dog finishes eating the tongue temperature will be back to normal.

The dog is Feeling cold

When you just came from the walk with your dog and your dog licked you after reaching home. You notice that its tongue is cold. Or in winter when you are at home you can also feel the same. This cold tongue in the dog is because your dog is feeling cold.

Here are the signs if your dog is feeling cold

  1. Down tail
  2. Paws lifting from the ground
  3. Shivering
  4. Looking for shelter
  5. Laziness

So, in this case, provide your dog with a warm place or blanket, and if it has a temperature contact your vet.

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Your Furry Friend is Panting

Dog tongue is cold due to panting

When dogs are feeling hot after a walk or exercise they paint to normalize their body temperature. It’s the same as sweating in humans as dogs use their saliva for this.

Panting is the best way to cool down body temperature than normal breathing. The saliva from their tongue evaporates in the air which makes the tongues cold. It’s the natural process and acts as their built-in air conditioner!


In a really cold environment, the dog’s body temperature falls below the normal range. This condition is known as hypothermia which can lead to serious health issues. In this condition, your furry friend’s tongue will be cold. Make sure to provide your dog warm place or blanket and problem continues visit the vet immediately.

Circulatory Problems

When a dog has poor blood circulation issues or heart problems that disturb the blood flow can lead to a cold tongue in dogs. If you see any sign of illness with a cold tongue consult to vet because if it’s untreated for a longer period can cause serious health issues or even death in dogs.


Hypothyroidism is a condition in which a dog’s thyroid gland is underactive, which causes a decrease in the production of thyroid hormones. Because of hypothyroidism dog’s metabolism doesn’t work properly and body temperature is regulated which can lead to a cold tongue in dogs. If you have doubts about thyroid gland issues make sure to visit a vet in time.

In short, your furry friend’s tongue will be cold because the dog had licked something cold, the dog is feeling cold, Panting, Hypothermia, Circulatory problems, and Hypothyroidism. We have tried to cover every aspect of Why Is My Dogs Tongue Cold? will look for more and try to add that in the next update. How was the article? Did you find anything interesting? Let us know in the comment section below.

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FAQS: Why Does My Dog Have A Cold Tongue?

Why Does My Dog Have A cold Tongue

Still not satisfied? Here are some frequently asked questions

Should a dog’s tongue be hot or cold?

Dogs’ normal body temperature is higher than humans so the temperature of their tongue will be warm or hot to the touch.

What temperature should a dog’s tongue be?

The normal human temperature is around 96.5 degrees. As the dog has a higher temperature than humans it must be at least 99.5 degrees.

Is It Okay For A Dog’s Tongue To Be Cold?

If your dog has eaten anything cold or it’s panting then it’s fine. But if there are any signs of Hypothermia, Circulatory problems, and Hypothyroidism with a cold tongue seek the help of a vet immediately.

Should I Take The Temperature Of My Dog’s Tongue?

Dogs use their tongues to regulate their body temperature, so we can’t figure out the exact body temperature from the mouth. We normally use a rectal thermometer to check the furry friend’s body temperature.

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