Why Do Dogs Nibble On Blankets?

Dogs deal with their emotions differently than humans. Because they cannot talk to express their feelings, so to expressing their feelings they may deal with things differently. Chewing is the natural habit of dogs. Some dogs love to chew on soft things like blankets because by doing this they feel calm and relaxed, or even they can do it for their entertainment. If your dog is nibbling on blankets, then it’s better for you to know the reasons behind that behavior.
In this article, we will try to answer the question Why Do Dogs Nibble On Blankets? And also will try to uncover or explore the reasons behind that behavior.

Reasons behind The Dogs Nibbling on blankets

Reasons behind The Dogs Nibbling on blankets

There are a large number of reasons behind the dogs nibbling on blankets, but some of them are:

  1. Teething
  2. Boredom
  3. Seeking attention
  4. Allergies
  5. Separation anxiety
  6. Self-Soothing

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When dogs are teething, like babies they might also want to bite or chew things for their relaxation from the pain of teething. so Puppies nibble on blankets or soft things because their teeth hurt while growing and doing it might be helpful to them for dealing with the pain of teething.


Boredom is another key reason for dogs nibbling or chewing the blankets because when dogs are bored they may become destructive, and they might find things to spend their time with them. it’s very possible that your dogs spend time with blankets or other soft things and chew them when they get bored.

Seeking attention

If your dog is gently biting you or your blanket, they might want your attention. Make a loud noise like “Ouch” to tell them it’s not okay. If they really need something like food, water, or playtime, make sure to take care of it quickly. Dogs might not always know what’s okay when they play bite, so the loud noise helps them understand. So, if your dog nibbles, make a noise to correct them, and if they need something important, give it to them right away.


why does my dog nibble on blankets at night

Sometimes dogs chew blankets or other soft things at night due to allergies. Allergies can cause itchiness, and dogs may nibble on blankets to scratch themselves. If you suspect allergies, consult your veterinarian for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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Separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is also a cause of dogs nibbling the blankets or other soft things, as we know dogs have the ability to sense a small scent that people cannot. So, Dogs that suffer from separation anxiety may nibble the blankets. The scent of their owner on the blanket provides a sense of comfort when they are left alone. It’s really important to help your pet get used to being alone slowly and through training so they don’t nibble on blankets too much.


Dogs sometimes chew on blankets when they need comfort. This happens especially when they feel scared, like during loud thunderstorms or fireworks. To make them feel better, you can give them a comfy dog bed or their favorite toy to snuggle with.

Training a dog not to nibble on blankets

Dogs like to chew on blankets and pillows because it’s comforting. By following these steps you can stop them:

  1. Use Bitter Apple Spray on what they chew.
  2. Put blankets in their bed.
  3. Keep blankets away until trained.
  4. Give them a favorite toy.
  5. Teach “Leave it!” and reward them when they obey.

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FAQs: Why Do Dogs Nibble On Blankets?

why is my dog nibbling on everything?

still not satisfied here are some frequently asked questions:

Why does my dog nibble with his front teeth?

Cobbing, which means nibbling, chewing gently helps dogs to feel relaxed. So if you see your dog nibbling the blankets, stuffed toys, or other soft things with his front teeth, might be they want to settle down or want sleep.

Why does my dog nibble on me like corn on the cob?

The dog nibbles on you like corn on the cob because they show affection or love, like a gentle form of grooming, and they can also gather information about you through the smells on your skin that their special mouth organ detects.

Is it normal for dogs to nibble?

Usually, when a dog gently bites or nibbles you, it’s a good thing. It’s like their way of saying they really like you. Sometimes, it’s a bit like when they’re taking care of themselves, and it’s a way for dogs to bond with and show respect to people they see as important in their group.

How do I get my dog to stop chewing on fabric?

If your dog chews on fabric, or things around the house even when you’re not there, it might be because they’re bored or anxious. To help stop this, give them more playtime, exercise, and toys to keep them busy.


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