Why Is My Female Dog Suddenly Peeing In The House?

Has your female dog started peeing in the house? Accidents sometimes occur, but it can be quite annoying if your adult female dog keeps peeing inside the house. Dogs peeing in the wrong places is a common problem that needs attention. The first thing to do is to find out why your dog is doing this. There are a few potential reasons for this behavior. It might be because your dog is still learning, getting older, in stressed, making territory, or having a urinary tract infection.

In this article, we will try to explore Why Is My Female Dog Suddenly Peeing In The House in detail and answer all of your questions.

Why Do Dogs Suddenly Start Peeing in the House?

Dogs sometimes pee in the house, which vets call ‘inappropriate urination.’ This can happen, especially with puppies who are still learning. If your female dog is a puppy, you might need to re-teach them how to do their business outside. But if your dog used to be good about going outside and now they’re peeing inside, there could be other reasons. First, make sure your dog isn’t sick before thinking about why they might be doing this.

If your dog is healthy and still peeing in the house, there are a few possible reasons for it.

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Reasons: Why Is My Female Dog Suddenly Peeing In The House?

By talking to your vet and thinking about what might be going on, you can figure out Why your dog is suddenly peeing in the house.

Urinary Tract Issues

Will a UTI cause a dog to pee in the house?

If your dog starts peeing indoors, it might have a urinary tract infection, which is a common issue. Instead of getting upset, visit your vet. They’ll need a urine sample to check for problems like bacteria or abnormal cells. If it’s a urinary tract infection, your dog will get antibiotics. Your vet can also find other urinary issues like bladder inflammation, crystals, stones, or tumors, which can be treated with medicine, diet changes, or surgery if necessary. If it’s not a urinary problem, your vet will look for other health issues.


Urinary incontinence can affect dogs of all ages, not just seniors. If your dog has sporadic leaks or leaves urine puddles, it might be incontinent. Dogs with incontinence don’t realize or control it, but medication can help. If your dog intentionally pees in the wrong places, it’s likely not incontinence. Talk to your vet for more information.

Incontinence Caused by Fear or Stress

Canine incontinence can be due to changes or stress. Dogs may get anxious from loud noises or when their owners leave. Sometimes, dogs urinate when they feel intimidated or stressed by changes like moving or new family members. If it’s behavioral, don’t scold them; stay calm, clean up, and encourage outdoor breaks. Excited incontinence happens in puppies when they get too excited and pee even if they’re trained. Most pups grow out of it.

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Incontinence Caused by Infection or Disease

What is the dog disease where they pee a lot?

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are common in dogs. Watch for blood in their urine. Your vet can test the urine to see if a UTI is causing incontinence. UTIs can be treated with antibiotics and usually don’t last long. Incontinence can also be a sign of other dog health problems like diabetes, liver or kidney disease, and Cushing’s disease. If your dog has incontinence along with other symptoms like tiredness, vomiting, or excessive thirst, it’s important to see the vet early for tests.

Incontinence Caused by Age-related Conditions

Arthritis and weak muscles can lead to older female dogs having accidents. When their legs become unsteady, getting up is difficult, and they may not make it outside in time. Dementia, also known as Canine Cognitive Disorder, can make dogs feel disoriented. They might forget where to go, leading to accidents as they lose track of where to pee.

How to Stop Your Female Dog From Peeing in the House?

How do I stop my female dog from peeing everywhere?

To stop your female dog from peeing in the house, don’t punish them, Be patient and try these steps:

  1. Re-train your dog for peeing outside the house.
  2. Take your dog out after meals, naps, and drinks, and Reward them for outdoor peeing.
  3. Identify what makes your dog pee inside the house, and manage them.
  4. Don’t yell or hit your dog for accidents, it confuses them.
  5. Use an enzyme cleaner to eliminate the urine smell.
  6. If needed, consult a dog trainer or behaviorist.

In short, if your female dog is peeing in the house it can be due to urinary tract issues, incontinence, fear or stress, and infection. We have tried to cover every aspect of Why Is My Dog Peeing In the House all of a sudden, will look for more and try to add that in the next update. Did you find anything interesting let me know in the comment section below.

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FAQs: Why Is My Female Dog Suddenly Peeing In The House?

Why is my dog having accidents in the house all of a sudden?

Still not satisfied? Here are some frequently asked questions:

Why is my female dog trying to pee?

If your dog is having trouble peeing, it might be due to a urinary tract infection, bladder stones, or a tumor. Infections and stones are the usual causes.

Do dogs in heat pee more?

Yes, dogs in heat pee more, Female dogs go into heat, which can be seen through signs like reduced energy, increased aggression, changes in how they urinate, more frequent urination, and occasionally trying to escape. Male dogs do not go through heat cycles.

Why is my female dog trying to pee but nothing coming out?

The main reasons for urinary blockages in dogs are bladder stones, urethral stones, and cancer. Male dogs can also have blockages from prostate gland issues, which females don’t have. Injuries to the spinal cord can make pets unable to pee.

Do female dogs have urinary problems?

UTIs are common in dogs, especially females. They can happen once or come back if the dog has health issues.

How to stop grown dogs from peeing in the house?

  1. Set a schedule for regular outdoor bathroom breaks.
  2. Reward them when they pee outside.
  3. Supervise them indoors and limit access to certain areas.
  4. Clean up accidents properly.
  5. Consult a vet if needed.
  6. Use training and be patient.

What smell stops dogs from peeing in the house?

Dogs have a strong sense of smell, so you can use things like vinegar, citrus, mint, or coffee to keep them from peeing in the house.


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